Malaga Airport Transfers with child seats

Malaga Airport Transfers with child seats

Malaga Airport Transfers with child seats

Malaga Airport Transfers with child seats are provided by Blue Plate Cabs to all our customers, upon prior request, with all the car seats they need for each journey.

Obligation of Car Seats in Spain

In Spain, any minor under 12 years old or weighing 36 kilos or less must travel in a booster seat or baby seat appropriate for their size for any intercity trip and also for trips within the city, with the sole exception of regular taxis, which are exempt. Depending on the size and age, there are several groups of booster seats or baby seats that adapt to the age and size of the children. Spanish legislation imposes the use of such approved seats under the required safety features and systems.

Types of Booster Seat and Baby Seat Groups

Group 0 or Infant Seat

Infant Seat

For newborn babies weighing up to 9 kilos. These seats must be rear-facing and inclined to prevent the baby’s head from being too elevated above the rest of the body.

Group 1

Baby Seat

Baby seat for children over 9 kilos who must still be rear-facing. The safety belts that protect the baby are integrated into the seat itself. They must be placed rear-facing to the direction of travel.

Group 2

Baby seat facing the direction of travel. For children up to 18 kilos who still need the safety belt to be integrated into the seat itself.

Group 3

Booster Seat

Booster seat with or without a backrest. For children up to 36 kilos or 12 years old. They travel facing the direction of travel and use the car’s seat belts to protect the child.

In none of the above cases is the baby or child permitted to travel in the front seats next to the driver; they must always be placed in the rear seats.

Reliability and Commitment to Quality Service

Blue Plate Cabs provides baby seats or booster seats whenever needed, as long as they are requested in your booking. The car seats provided meet the requirements of the Dirección General de Tráfico in Spain. This is the competent authority regarding passenger transport. Therefore, all our car seats are approved and meet all the necessary safety features. You can travel with peace of mind and not have to worry about the safety of your children.

The comfort and safety of our passengers is the primary goal of our company. Due to the intrusion in the Malaga airport transfer sector and the high competition, Blue Plate Cabs wants to differentiate itself by providing the highest quality service. It is easy to find other companies with lower prices that try to do as much work as possible at a very low cost. This ultimately harms customer service, vehicle maintenance, and safety conditions.

Why book with Blue Plate Cabs?

Although we have a line of affordable prices that make our services accessible to any family arriving at Malaga Airport, we focus on offering the best possible experience to our passengers. We are committed to maintaining high-quality standards of service and safety features. Therefore, we charge a small fee for the use of each baby seat or booster seat. This fee is 3 euros per trip and seat. However, the first car seat is completely free! You only have to pay this amount from the second seat onwards.

Enjoy the greatest comfort that a taxi company at Malaga Airport can provide without worrying about the safety of your children. With us, you will also avoid uncomfortable waits and tiring queues that stress the little ones even more after a long journey.

Our services are door-to-door, and your driver will always be waiting at the right place before the agreed time. You won’t have to wait even a minute. Blue Plate Cabs, your taxi service at Malaga Airport.

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