Malaga Uber

Malaga Uber

Is there Uber in Malaga Airport?

Of course. Uber has a presence in major cities across the globe, and an airport that receives several million visitors from around the world annually wouldn’t be an exception. The implementation of private transportation services like Uber is carried out through vehicles with VTC licenses in Spain.

Some regular taxis also work with this popular application, but it is something less widespread among them. For obvious reasons. On the one hand, it represents direct competition to traditional taxi services that struggle to maintain their market share. On the other hand, it is known that Uber takes a high percentage of the service price as a commission, meaning that the taxi has to forgo a significant portion of its profit on each trip it undertakes for Uber.

Uber in Malaga

How does Uber operate in Malaga?

We’ve already discussed the generic feature that Uber, to operate in Malaga and Spain, needs to do so through a fleet of vehicles with VTC licenses. This VTC license allows these vehicles to provide private passenger transportation as long as there is prior booking and a contract specifying the pickup point, passenger details, destination, and a pre-agreed price for the journey. You’ll recognize these vehicles by their distinctive blue license plates, a feature they share with regular taxis.

Regarding the operation of the application, it’s quite simple. Once you have registered on the Uber app (having previously entered your personal information and credit card for payment), it geolocates you and provides you with the registered vehicles that may be in your area. You select your pickup point (which usually coincides with your current location unless you want to make a prior reservation) and your destination point. Automatically, several options will appear based on your preference and needs:

  • Uber X: standard service for up to 4 passengers.
  • Uber Saver: similar but with up to 15% discount, but with fewer available vehicles.
  • Uber Black: high-end cars with the highest-rated drivers.
  • Uber Comfort: newer vehicles and especially spacious.
  • Uber Green: 100% electric motor.
  • Uber Van: minivans for up to 6 passengers.
  • Uber Pet: vehicle that, under certain rules, allows pets to be carried.

Payment methods

You can make your payment to your Uber driver with your credit card, through PayPal, or with cash. There are other less common options such as Google Pay or with an Uber gift card, but undoubtedly the most common ones are with a credit card or with cash.

Malaga Uber Airport

At Malaga Airport, there is a designated area specifically for vehicles picking up Uber customers at the arrivals terminal. This parking is free for vehicles, so there is no additional charge on the customer’s fare for using this parking. However, unlike private pre-booked transfer services, there is no Uber driver waiting in the arrivals hall. It’s the customer who has requested the service that should head to the parking area and locate their assigned vehicle.

Malaga Airport Uber parking


Although Uber’s beginnings in Spain were carried out illegally through private vehicles, the service is now completely legal and within the framework of Spanish laws and regulations. To achieve this, as we have already mentioned, the service is provided through vehicles with VTC licenses or even through regular taxis. However, there are two major drawbacks with Uber that cause discomfort among its users and the vehicles that provide the services.

  1. Dynamic pricing: Uber fares are based on the number of kilometers and the estimated time of completion, but they can also increase depending on the demand and availability of vehicles at the time of making a request or booking. These costs can triple or even quadruple the normal cost of a service that is not under “high demand.”
  2. Commissions: It is known that Uber initially charges commissions around 20-25% of the final trip price, aiming to establish a strong presence and a sufficient number of associated vehicles in the operating area. However, once it has reached the necessary quantity of partners who rely almost exclusively on Uber’s services, intermediary commissions can increase to over 50% of the final service price. This ultimately diminishes the quality of Uber’s service for two reasons:
    • Many drivers may become demotivated to provide good customer service when their work is poorly paid.
    • The low prices received by drivers or fleet owners discourage them from working for Uber, leading to a decrease in the availability of vehicles willing to provide a service, further driving up prices through dynamic pricing.

Alternatives to Uber: Bolt, Cabify, UniTaxi app…

On the Costa del Sol, there are several app alternatives for those who prefer a simple mobile system to book their taxi or private transfer service.


Its operation is very similar to Uber. It is also an intermediary company that operates through a mobile app. Its prices are similar (including dynamic pricing) but so far, the commissions it charges for its services are lower than Uber’s. Therefore, as of the publication date of this text, there is a prevalence among drivers to connect to Bolt and work for them before Uber.

Bolt in Malaga


It is a Spanish company with a functioning very similar to the previous companies. However, its implementation is smaller, as well as its popularity. For this reason, its dynamic pricing increases after Uber and Bolt have done so.

UniTaxi app:

UniTaxi app works exclusively with regular taxis, for those who wish to use traditional taxis and do not want to use other types of vehicles. Due to the poor reputation offered by foreign intermediary companies because they pay taxes in third countries, some users, especially local residents, prefer to exclusively use traditional taxis.

Blue Plate Cabs app:

Blue Plate Cabs, in addition to our traditional communication channels with customers (via phone call, email, or WhatsApp), for the convenience of our customers, we offer an app service through which you can book your private trips between locations on the Costa del Sol or private transfers to Malaga Airport. For us, there is no dynamic pricing, and we offer fixed prices regardless of the high volume of demands we may have or the time of day services are provided. Prices without surcharges or unpleasant surprises. You always know what you will pay before getting into your assigned car. Additionally, we provide you with the details of your vehicle and assigned driver the day before each journey.


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