Meeting point at Malaga Airport

Meeting point in the arrivals hall of Malaga Airport

Where should I go to meet my driver? How can I locate them?

Don’t worry, if it’s your first time arriving at Malaga Airport, it’s very easy to follow the correct direction to collect your luggage (in case you have checked baggage) and reach the arrivals hall.

There’s only one way, so you can’t miss it. First, once the mobile walkway allows you to exit the plane, you will arrive at Terminal 3 of Malaga Airport. As you progress along the corridor leading to the terminal building, one of the first things you will see are signs indicating the claim belt luggage area.

Inside the building, if you or anyone in your group has mobility issues, there will be an assistant with a wheelchair waiting for your arrival. This service for passengers with reduced mobility should be requested in advance to avoid delays. If we follow the exit signs, we will pass through the shopping and dining area where you can enjoy a drink or snack of your choice thanks to the varied selection of establishments available.

Arrivals area Malaga Airport

We continue on our way to the baggage claim area and will need to check the information screens to find out which luggage carousel corresponds to the flight on which we arrived.

claim belt area malaga airport

After collecting your luggage and following the exit signs, we will go through a sliding door leading to the arrivals hall. There, waiting for visitors, you will find personnel from car rental companies, relatives awaiting the arrival of their loved ones, and, of course, the chauffeurs from the private transfer services at Malaga Airport. Upon reaching the arrivals hall, you will see that there is a protected area to prevent anyone from entering from the outside.

Malaga Airport arrival hall

You must pass through the exit barriers, and in the area between the arrivals hall barriers and La Manon café, you will see your driver holding a sign with your name clearly printed on it.

Malaga airport meeting point la manon

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