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Durcal History


 Its name comes from the Arabic “Quasb”, a word that refers to the “cultivation of sugar cane”. But there are also many lemon and other fruit trees, such as cherries. It was also called “Dur-al-iqlim”, translated as “pearl of the iqlim or region”. This has earned it its current nickname, “Dúrcal, Pearl of the Lecrín Valley”.

 First origins

 There are remains and human presence in Dúrcal from approximately 4000 or 4500 b.C. Although remains of the Romans have also been found.

 Middle Ages

 But its origin as a population began in the Muslim era (from 711 AD). Its condition of being an obligatory passage from Granada towards the coast and its fertile lands attracted the Arabs. 

 Modern Age

 After the Reconquest of all Spain by the Catholic Kings, Isabella and Ferdinand. The Moors were expelled from the area. That is why Durcal left as a starting point for many families in the direction of North Africa. Because they had to flee from Christian persecution. 

 Contemporary Age

 During the 19th century Dúrcal was the most important town in the Lecrín Valley region. Because it was the place of passage and stop of the tram that united the coast of Granada with the capital. It transported the merchandise and the fish coming from the port of Motril towards Granada. From Motril to Dúrcal, this transport was carried out by means of a cable car and already in Dúrcal the transport through the tram began. 

 The famous Lata bridge (by Eiffel) and the park of the Station are the remains of that time.

 On March 29, 1954, a very intense earthquake with epicenter in this town took place. This was one of the great earthquakes suffered in Spain. Fortunately, despite its magnitude (7.0) it did not produce any damage because it occurred at a depth of 650 kilometres. This is the maximum limit of occurrence of earthquakes.



 Dúrcal has a Mediterranean climate and is the capital of the Lecrín Valley in the province of Granada. It is located halfway between the capital of the province and the coast. Normally average temperature and precipitation in Dúrcal or the periods when more rain or snow falls, below we present you all the information.

 Also in Dúrcal, as a good Mediterranean climate, the summers are hot and dry. But it must also be said that in winter the temperatures are mild. 


 The average annual temperature in Dúrcal is about 20 degrees centigrade. In winter, it averages about 10 degrees on the coldest days. And in summer to exceed 30. The average maximum temperature in Dúrcal is 30°C in July and 10°C in January.


 The annual average rainfall is 201 mm. It does not rain for 249 days per year, the average humidity is 57% and the UV index is 4.

 That’s why the best time to travel to Dúrcal is usually from May to October, because it has a pleasant and mild climate or a warm climate with hardly any rainfall. . The weather and climate of Dúrcal are suitable for a sunny holiday.

 The average climate figure in Dúrcal is 8.4. This is based on several factors, such as average temperatures, possibilities of precipitation and the climatic experiences of others.

 It should also be noted that a large part of the municipality is located in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.


Popular festivals

  • San Blas: On 3 February, the day of the town’s patron saint, San Blas, is celebrated. 
  • The Pilgrimage of San Isidro: on May 15th as a village of farmers and country people. This pilgrimage is held in honour of the patron saint of agriculture.
  • Holy Week: The most characteristic part of this Passion Week takes place during the night of the Saturday of Glory, in which the traditional serenades are carried out where the young men put different types of tree branches on the balcony of their beloved.

 In addition, on Easter Sunday the hornazos are celebrated, a traditional village festival. This is a day of family meals in the countryside. Accompanied by chocolate, sausages and sultanas.

 But that day there are also many activities and competitions. 

 Public festivities: with giants, “cabezudos” and all kinds of floats.

 Card championships.

Competition of carocas. These are murals with images and verses in quintuplets created by the participants, which satirically criticise situations experienced in the village.

 Mocho championship, in which two teams compete against each other to catch the mocho that is thrown into the air by lifting it from the ground.

 Crumb and paella competitions.

 Horse ribbon race.

  •  San Ramón: on the last day of August he was appointed co-patron of the village at the end of the 19th century. Due to the fact that the town suffered an earthquake. For this reason, on this day a procession is held with this Saint to ask for a prompt solution to the damage caused to it.


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