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Weather in San Pedro de Alcantara

Is a locality in which the microclimate of the Costa del Sol allows to live very well practically all the year, with pleasant temperatures.

It is a place where the average annual temperature is around 20 degrees.

It has more than 300 sunny days a year, a temperature that can be around 14 degrees in the winter during the average day, and in the summer exceeding 30 degrees centigrade.

The rains are more frequent from November to January.


Gastronomy of San Pedro de Alcantara

As a good foodie, we will recommend you this typical dishes so if you read them in the menu of the place you choose… Go for it and try them!

So when you ask yourself what to do in San Pedro de Alcantara? Going out to a restaurant and ordering some of this dishes will be the right choice to make.

Gambas al pilpil

This dish, which can be taken as an entree, main course or tapa, is one of the veteran favourites for expats and locals alike.

It’s simple but it tastes great and consists of prawns with garlic and chilli served in very hot olive oil.

Espetos de sardinas

This is the typical speciality of Malaga. The sardines are made in the traditional style: pricking them in a cane and roasting them with the smoke of a fire in the open air.

Ideally stuck in a traditional fishing boat converted into a barbecue on the beach.


Any trip to Marbella is not complete if you do not try their famous anchovies. As a tapa or as a starter, fried or cured meats with vinegar, olive oil and garlic are usually served.

Fritura Malagueña

Try the best of the Mediterranean with this varied fried fish dish.

This selection of local fried fish, floured and salted, served with a slice of fresh lemon, is one of the favourite Andalusian dishes.

Queso Curado

A classic and much more than the favourite dish of shepherds, it tastes better with Serrano ham. The best varieties of cured cheese are those made with sheep’s milk or goat’s milk.


This cold tomato soup may be well known but it is best done in Malaga.

It’s served in any tapas bar and even better: it’s easy to do, so you can impress your friends when you return home!


The best seafood restaurants in San Pedro de Alcántara

Bar Casa Canuto

A magnificent restaurant thanks to its fried fish, seafood, and its good portions with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

This is one of the best restaurants in San Pedro.

Casa Canuto focuses on food because although it is a summer bar, you can enjoy it all year round.

A place that from the moment you arrive until you leave feels like home.

It also has a very good location so it is easy to find it.

Merchan House

First of all, it is a family restaurant in San Pedro de Alcántara. We can find it in the historical centre of the town. With more than fifty years of antiquity it is very famous so much for neighbors of the zone as for the lovers of the traditional and homemade kitchen. 

It is a relatively small restaurant as it has a capacity for 30 people. But with an excellent service.

This restaurant offers a very Mediterranean and Andalusian cuisine. Its gastronomy is very homemade and well founded. The fried food is one of its specialties and a reference in the menu. 

We also recommend its spicy potatoes, anchovies in vinegar and hake croquettes, fine shells and coquinas. You should also try the clams and the bowls and the big grilled fish. 

Restaurant Chinales

Chinales Restaurant can be described as a typical Andalusian restaurant with its terrace on the pedestrian street. But it always offers very good value for money. Its fried food, fish and seafood are highly recommended. 

And especially its prawns and espetos are recommended that are spectacular.

Ranchero Restaurant

With a Mediterranean and Spanish gastronomy but always offering something different. We recommend its generous grilled salads, and its perfectly prepared grilled sea bass. Also don’t forget to try their tender grilled prawns.

On the other hand, its extensive wine list is worth mentioning. Ranchero is highly recommended by its friendly staff.


Some of the best chiringuitos in San Pedro

 Kalakalua beach bar

Opened since 1957 when its first owner, Curro Romero, a native of Marbella, grew up in Colonia El Angel. He himself set up a straw and cane bar on the beaches of San Pedro. It was visited by all the actors and celebrities of that time.

Later his son Jose Romero and his grandchildren inherited the business, which is called the CHIRINGUITO KALAKALUA. Because in the Kalakalua Chiringuito you can enjoy the culinary pleasures and the views of the Mediterranean Sea. And also you will be able to taste the traditional Andalusian food.

All this makes this chiringuito a unique place at the end of the promenade of San Pedro de Alcántara.


On the beachfront is an indoor restaurant that has several terraces with unbeatable sea views. It also offers swimming pool for adults and children, hammock service, chill out area, background music, drinks, sports facilities. In addition in this chiringuito you will be able to make all type of celebrations. 

And all this to spend a perfect day by the sea, and enjoy a menu with the best products of the land and sea.

Pedro’s Beach Bar

This chiringuito emerged as a sailing school and bar for windsurfers and fans of its delicious food and beautiful surroundings from around the world. Many of the raw materials used in this chiringuito come directly from Pedro’s organic garden. And the rest of the products are chosen daily from the wide selection available at the local market. 


The best ice cream in San Pedro

Rivareno Gelato

At Rivareno Gelato on the border of San Pedro and Marbella, you can enjoy a fresh ice cream, prepared in the daytime. Besides you know that it is made with care and passion, that is its secret.

This story begins when four friends, (a former executive, his life and business partner as well as a former BBC journalist, a famous ice cream maker in Bologna and a lawyer), decide to work together. because they want to achieve an ambitious goal: to open the best Italian artisan head shop that exists. 

This is why the Italian ice cream laboratory RivaReno was founded. An objective based on a great passion and the experience that the founders have brought, each in their own field. The idea has quickly found support from other entrepreneurs.

According to the owners, the aim of the artisan production “of the Italian gelato laboratory RivaReno” is to serve its customers a real sensory experience and not just an ice cream. This is why the production of their laboratory is always committed to maintaining high standards of quality, freshness and genuineness.

La Soberana

La Soberana is an ice cream parlour in San Pedro de Alcantar which offers a very generous Laing. That is why many of its visitors come to taste its delicate ice creams, also its unique tiramisu in addition to its well worked waffles. But you can also order an extraordinary cold beer. As in every ice-cream parlour they also offer horchata and their excellent ice-cream shakes which are one of the strong points of this establishment.

If you try any of their ice creams you will take away a good memory. We must also highlight its quality/price ratio and its excellent service, thanks to the professionalism of its waiters.  


We have to say that it is very worthwhile to visit the Gioelia, and above all to try its unique laing and its homemade empanadas. Because this ice-cream parlour also offers authentic Italian ice-cream. You can also taste a delicious coffee and you can always enjoy a delicious ice-cream shake. 

You will take away a good memory of giolatto, as it is well known for its great service and its friendly staff, always ready to help. 


The best mojitos and cocktails in San Pedro de Alcantara

Cuba59, the House of the Mojito

This is a bar-restaurant that is inspired by the atmosphere of Cuba. Besides being the best place to taste mojitos in San Pedro de Alcantara in Cuba59, La Casa del Mojito you can taste the tasty tapas it serves. But what Cuba59 is really famous for, La Casa del Mojito is for its spectacular mojitos.

That’s why we can say that Cuba59, is a bar-fusion where good cocktails are fused with the most popular dishes of Cuban cuisine and with good Latin music. Because they pay special attention to the freshness and quality of the ingredients and are very demanding with the good grass, the lime and the good flavor of the old white rum Havana Club or Bacardi to prepare a good Mojito. 

Also every Saturday there are live performances and you can enjoy a great wall image with music videos of the best Latin artists.

And there’s also a great service.

Chiringuito Macao

If you want to enjoy a good mojito next to the beach of San Pedro de Alcantara. 

Taking into account that the beaches of San Pedro are not the best in the world, but if you want to enjoy a good mojito or a good cocktail we recommend Chiringuito Macao because this is your place.

You can also enjoy an excellent and relaxing atmosphere thanks to the music of this place.

Charles Pub

What characterizes Pub Charles is the tasty laing it serves. In a cozy atmosphere this place allows its customers to relax after a hard day’s work or a stressful day at the beach. With an exceptional and surprising decoration.

Because Pub Charles is highly recommended for its extraordinary staff. It should also be noted that their service is considered divine. 

And also look at the interesting prices of this bar are always good news for their guests. 


But you can not only enjoy San Pedro de Alcantara in summer, because also in winter thanks to the warmth and its space for the winter, do not leave at random any detail of Barbulla.

Because its decoration and good taste, are part of the decoration of Barbulla. Where besides enjoying its exquisite menu, you will be able to try many delicacies.

To arrive at Barbulla is to feel like home. That is the desire of Ana and Alberto. Which are the owners and founders.

That’s why we strongly recommend their cocktails, gins and other combinations is a representation of the best references of the current market.


San Pedro de Alcántara Festivals

 The Fair

First of all, the most important festival of San Pedro de Alcatara is its fair. It is held in mid-October because the day of its patron saint is October 19. That is the Day of San Pedro de Alcántara: saint from Extremadura. That is why this day is the most important and famous in both the day and night fairs. 

As in almost all the province of Malaga there is a distinction between the Day Fair and the Night Fair. However in San Pedro both are celebrated in the same place. 

The day fair, which starts at 12 o’clock in the morning, consists of a large number of booths with different musical styles. It also has a very complete and varied program. From the parades of Gigantes and Cabezudos, the fair’s cavalcade, concerts where great well-known artists perform… 

In addition, this fair lasts a week and is the last to be held in all of Andalusia.

The Holy Week

As in all of Andalusia, San Pedro also celebrates Holy Week with different processions. However, San Pedro de Alcántara has only one brotherhood, that of Our Father Jesus the Nazarene and Mary Most Holy of the Loneliness. 

This brotherhood is in charge of taking out 7 thrones in the different days of the Holy Week in San Pedro Alcántara. 

Palm Sunday: the Pollinica departs.

Easter Wednesday: the Via Crucis.

Holy Thursday: the procession of Our Father Jesus the Nazarene and Mary Most Holy of Sorrows.

In the early morning of Good Friday: the Crucified Christ and the Sorrowful Virgin.

Good Friday night: the Reclining Christ and the Blessed Virgin of Solitude. 

On Easter Sunday: the Risen One.

The Virgin of Carmen

On July 16, from the neighborhood of El Ingenio, leaves Nuestra Señora del Carmen. It runs through the main streets and then embarks on the Guayaba beach, near the Playa de la Salida.

The Virgin of Rocio

Every year on the 14th of August, the procession of Nuestra Señora del Rocío leaves from the Parish Church of Virgen del Rocío. It goes through the streets to the Church Square. From where it greets the Parish of San Pedro de Alcántara, already in the dawn of the 15th of August.


Monuments of San Pedro de Alcantara

Beacon tower of Bóvedas

It’s location next to the Roman baths of the same name, from which it separates it about 50 meters. It is one of the watchtowers that existed along our coast and that were part of the defensive system of the same.

It has a height of 13 meters and a base of 8.3 m in diameter.

The Church of San Pedro de Alcántara

Located in the current Plaza de la Iglesia, was built between 1860 and 1866, not being open to the public until 1869 before the need to provide the agricultural colony of San Pedro de Alcántara a place for Catholic worship.

It was completely burned down in 1936 as a result of the Spanish Civil War and was restored and reopened to worship in 1943.

It is formed by a central nave with a triple portico on its façade, on which rises a turret in the shape of a prism and with a hipped roof, as well as two adjoining spaces corresponding to the aisles.

The Villa of San Luis

It is located in the Plaza de la Iglesia, right next to the parish church. It was built in 1887 as the family residence of the Cuadra Raoul family, who in 1874, became the owners of the agricultural colony of San Pedro de Alcántara.

He moved there with his wife Clara Raoul and her children moved to live in the agricultural colony of San Pedro de Alcántara, which since 1874 was their property.

In 1887, Clara Raoul built her family residence, baptizing her as ” Villa de San Luis ”, in honour of her deceased husband and son.

This building is, together with the church square and some adjoining houses, one of the only original buildings that are preserved from the beginnings of the Agricultural Colony of San Pedro de Alcántara in the nineteenth century.

El Trapiche de Guadaiza: The Farm-Model

It was built as a sugar factory in 1823 by Juan Lesseps, being the first industrial establishment known in the vicinity of San Pedro de Alcántara and that would work until 1831.

The building has had many uses throughout its history and the reforms made by the Marquis to build the Model Farm have allowed the building to be preserved to this day.

It is also a true example of the agroindustrial past of the agricultural colony of San Pedro de Alcántara, which was one of the most important agricultural colonies in Spain.

La Alcoholera

In 1871 the marquess, in order to provide the colony with a modern sugar factory that achieved a great economic performance, it opened a sugar and alcohol factory, giving rise to the current neighbourhood of El Ingenio in San Pedro de Alcántara.

What remains of this industrial complex is mainly the alcohol factory, consisting of a tower about 15 meters high and a rectangular ship 35 meters long and 10 meters high with a wooden roof.


Kiking routes in San Pedro del Alcantara

Green Route, San Pedro-Marbella

This is a route that can be done on foot or by bicycle. It is about 10 kilometers long, and its difficulty is minimal. It is basically an urban route. Along the way you pass over the bridges of the Sierra Blanca streams.  In addition we will also cross several beach areas. 

Also near Puerto Banus we will find a forest of eucalyptus and you can see the Torre Vigía del Arcón from the XVI century. Then it continues over a metal bridge that crosses the river. This bridge runs along a path through an area with many trees, giving the impression of being on a fairly natural path. 

Soon we will arrive at the Marbella promenade and at the Meliá Don Pepe Hotel we have the option of returning to San Pedro or continuing towards the area of the fishing port, until we reach the breakwater.

Also very close to San Pedro de Alcántara is Sierra Blanca. This is a mountainous massif of the Penibetic mountain range. And the whole set is a treasure for hikers and nature lovers. Because there are many possible routes. Here we name some of them:

The Route of the Three Valleys

Which starts at the ruins of the Casa del Guarda. And continues through the Cañada de la Laja. This path passes through several streams. And we can reach the Fuente de Calaña which normally has water. It is a route of about 5 kilometers, of medium high difficulty.

We continue descending towards Marbella for about 500 m along the same stream until we find the Vereda de los Cazadores on the left. We leave the stream and continue until we find the next post of direction. From here we take the Senda de los Cazadores towards the Puerto de las Pitas. And then we return sharing the route with the Lighthouse Trail.

Lighthouse path

This trail begins in the area known as Puerto Rico Bajo. Following the road itself. Which is cut by a chain that prevents cars from passing. Then it continues until the sign to Puerto Rico Alto-Ojén. The trail ascends through pine trees and brush until it reaches the Hoya de los Cabañiles.

From here to Puerto Rico Alto gaining a little height and having unbeatable views of the Tajo Travertino. Until we reach the ruins of the Casa de la Finca.  Then continue with the ascent to Juanar until, a few meters further on, we reach the dry bed of the birth of Puerto Rico Alto. Then we reach Puerto la Pitas, and Puerto Pino. From which we can observe some splendid views. It also passes through the famous Loma del Lobo to the Mirador de los Gitanos. And it returns passing by the Hoya de las Golondrinas until arriving at the beginning of the route.



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